Mrs ogrady
Leah O'Grady was the wife of Daniel O'Grady in Leprechaun.

In the filmEdit

Mrs. O'Grady lived with her husband in North Dakota in an old farmhouse. One night in 1983, Dan returned from a trip to Ireland, drunkenly stating to his bemused wife that they were rich. He claimed to have stolen 100 gold coins from a Leprechaun, but Mrs. O'Grady didn't believe her husband's story due to his drunken state. As Dan went to hide the gold, she went inside to make him a pot of tea.

However, Mrs. O'Grady heard a child's voice emanating from one of Dan's suitcases. The voice begged to be let out and she complied. The suitcase opened to reveal the very Leprechaun that Dan stole gold from: the creature had stowed away in his suitcase. Although frightened, Mrs. O'Grady crossed herself as she backed away. Demanding for his gold, the Leprechaun advanced on Mrs. O'Grady, causing her to miss a step and tumble down the basement stairs, breaking her neck.